Yummy In My Tummy!

Is feeding your child a daily challenge? Would you consider your child to be a picky eater? How can you get your child to try new, healthy foods? Does your dog end up eating most of the food thrown on the floor by your toddler?

Well here are some tips for getting your child to try new foods.

  1. Involve your child in the cooking or preparing process. Kids can be great helpers in the kitchen. When kids participate, they are more likely to try something new.
  2. Give your child a choice. If you want your child to eat more vegetables, give them the option to choose between two vegetables such as squash or broccoli. You can also add some fruit to sweeten the deal. They can feel in control and you will sleep better knowing they got some veggies in their system!
  3. Look up fun recipes to try together. Utilize your local library for some cookbooks or just check out pinterest, allrecipes and food network to name a few.
  4. Use fun plates, utensils and cups.
  5. Make smoothies with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Drink smoothies with silly straws.
  6. Eat together, pull up high chair next to your chair and offer some of your food with your child. This is a great way to expose your child to different tastes and textures.
  7. Be patient, it takes a while before your child may get used to certain foods.
  8. Make and decorate a chef’s hat.
  9. Go to the local farmer’s market and pick out fresh fruit and vegetables together. This is also a great opportunity to talk about colors, shapes, sizes and smells of the variety of produce.
  10. Create a simple menu together.

Tip: Get a fun place mat to keep your child amused

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