What To Expect After Your Referral To Early Intervention

Your child has been referred for an evaluation now what do you do?
First, get a notebook. Keep a record of who you have made contact with and their phone number and email if possible. You will encounter quite a few people along the way and you should keep everything in one place for easy reference.

A calendar is also useful to help keep your appointments handy. You can use a paper one or one on your smart phone.
Someone will contact you to set up an appointment for an evaluation. After the evaluation, a meeting called the IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) will be held to discuss the results of the evaluation.
Once the meeting has taken place, you will then wait to hear from your new therapist or infant teacher. This process from start to finish can take several weeks.

Are you wondering if services will cost you an arm and a leg? Paying out of pocket for therapy services without medical insurance or early intervention services will cost a pretty penny. It is best to get a referral from your child’s Pediatrician.

An evaluation through an early intervention program is provided for free. In addition to your local early intervention program, many times your insurance will cover a specific amount of therapy sessions. Contact your insurance provider and let them know you are seeking therapy for your child and the reason why. Usually therapy through your insurance is provided in center. Therapy through an early intervention program is typically provided at home in the child’s natural environment.
If your child is over the age of three, please contact your local school district.

Tip: Your Service Coordinator or Pediatrician’s office should help you if you are unsure of what type of service your child needs or what developmental delays your child is exhibiting.

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