The “B” word that my kids can’t say


Whenever there’s a break from school, there’s always that dread of what am I going to do to keep the kids occupied. A few years ago, my son would constantly come to me and say “Mom, I’m bored.” This drove me crazy since I had given him a ton of fun ideas of things that he could do. Besides the obvious list like washing the dishes, laundry or cleaning his room, he didn’t think those were any fun.
There’s no other word that I despise. I banned the word Bored and we came up with some fun things to do which didn’t involve chores. What suggestions do you have that works for your family?
Here’s our list:

1. Roller-skating
2. Trampoline park
3. John’s Incredible Pizza
4. Boomers
5. Mulligan’s
6. Matinee movies
7. Redbox movies
8. Go Karting
9. Dave and Buster’s
10. Beach
11. Lake
12. Bowling
13. Laser Tag
14. Knott’s Berry Farm/Soak City
15. Legoland
16. Aquarium
17. Disneyland
18. Universal Studios
19. Raging Waters
20. The Cove
21. Six Flags
22. Local Summer Fair
23. Picnics at the park
24. Storytime at the library
25. Storytime at Barnes and Nobles
26. Swimming
27. Hanging with Friends
28. Game Night
29. Make your own Pizza
30. Spa Day at home
31. Hikes
32. Gymnastics
33. Craft Classes at Joanne’s/ Michael’s
34. Cooking Classes at William Sonoma
35. Bike riding
36. Local Zoo
37. Gymboree
38. Tour local farm
39. Apple Picking
40. Music Classes
41. (mothers of preschoolers) for connecting with other Moms and playdates
42. Scavenger hunt in the neighborhood
43. Canvas painting
44. Jumping Rope
45. Playing hopscotch
46. Board Games
47. Free Concerts in the park
48. Kids eat free at select restaurants
49. Summer Camp
50. Vacation Bible School
51. Fly a Kite
52. Visit a museum
53. Redecorate your room
54. Have a yard sale
55. Set up a lemonade stand
56. Set up a used book stand
57. Visit a senior center
58. Start a garden
59. Start a club eg. Book club, game club, cooking club
60. Have a car wash for the neighborhood
61. Take pictures and start a scrapbook
62. Walk the dogs in the neighborhood
63. Make your own soap, candle or bath bomb
64. Make necessity kits for the homeless
65. Donate to the local food pantry
66. Home Depot/ Lowes workshops
67. Learn a new language
68. Make a fort out of blankets and play with your siblings
69. Play hide and seek
70. Write and mail a letter to a family member that doesn’t live with you

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