Meeting Your Therapist or Teacher

This is an exciting time, you actually get to meet the person that will be working with your child. Will you like them? Will your child like them? What will they do differently from you? How long before your child talks, walks or understands what is going on in their world? 

The first session is a good time to get to know your teacher. Your teacher should tell you what to expect during the sessions and what they will need from you. It is also a good time to review concerns and update any new information from the IFSP. The teacher will get to meet your child and start to form a bond.

At the end of each session, the teacher should inform you of how the session went, give you suggestions on activities to follow through at home. Depending how many hours were approved by the infant program, a typical session would last for 45-50 minutes. The remaining minutes are for paperwork and discussion.

Tip: Have a notebook and calendar to keep track of notes and schedule. Depending on your child’s age, you will have a meeting every 6 months to discuss your child’s progress and concerns. Always ask for written copies of your child’s evaluations. 

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