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You bring your beautiful baby home and you have a range of emotions flowing through you! You are excited, tired, nervous and most importantly in love with your new bundle of joy.

 Fast forward two years. Your precious baby says about 5 words and you are concerned about their language development. What do you do? Who do you call? Did you do something wrong? Will your baby outgrow this phase? Whether you are a brand new parent or have multiple children, when you are faced with the possibility of your child having a delay it is frightening. The good news is that there is help and I am here to help you. 

                                                                 Let’s Talk!
The first thing to do is to contact your child’s Pediatrician and explain your concerns about your child. Ask for a referral to an early intervention program. Sometimes a Doctor might say that your child will grow out of it or that boys tend to talk later.
I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to know more than a doctor. Please trust your parent gut and if you think something is wrong, definitely get help for your child. Having your child evaluated for early intervention services will not harm them. An evaluation does not mean that they will automatically qualify for services.

You finally got a referral to an early intervention program. What is the next step?

Tip: If you suspect that your child needs help, get an evaluation. Don’t wait another minute get an evaluation today!

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